Faze Rain Net Worth


Faze Rain , whose real name is Nordan shat is a Canadian V logger , Youtuber  and Gamer who has amassed an unbelievable amount of Net worth and an immense following on Youtube .  As of 2018 , he enjoys a Net worth of approximately $ 2 Million Dollars .  Any guesses about his Youtube subscription as of  today ?    Read it ahead

Its Not surprising to know that this kid , who was born in 1996 in Toronto , Canada and only started uploading his videos in 2010 is a big shot when it comes to online gaming . His subscription on his Channel with his online name  FAZE RAIN has reached up to 5.1 Million Subscribers .  He also displays his talent on his  another  you tube channel with the name TRICK SHOTTING .   Interested  in knowing about Nordan’s Love Life ?

Well who isn’t ? All of us are as curious as a cat and secretly envy from this youtube hotshot’s financial success and his yummy looking girl friend . Hold your heart  guys , her name is Taylor and she is Blond Bombshell . She is kind enough ( for us) to grace some of the vids of Faze Rain .

Are you wondering where does Nordan make his money from ?   Its Simple !  Well , not that simple but to tell you the truth this kid is making money while Playing . Yes ! Nordan plays  the game  CALL OF DUTY with his online tribe members and gets paid by advertisers for letting them advertise themselves on his videos which have millions of views daily .