Emily Ratajkowski Net worth


Emily Ratajkowski Net worth:  Emily Ratajkowski is a London-born American Model and actress who has a Net Worth of $2 Million dollars. Emily’s date of birth is June 17, 1981. Although born in London, Emily was brought up in California.Her parents were both American.

Emily describes her mother Kathleen Balgley  _an English Professor_ as an intellectual and a  feminist. Emily’s father, John David  Ratajkowski was a painter and an Art Teacher. Kathleen and J DRatajkowski (Emily’s parents) met when they were both teaching at San Dieguito Academy. Emily describes her heritage as Polish-Israeli. Her father was a Catholic while her mother was of Jewish descent.

Emily, since her very tender age of five, was obsessed with theater. She began to appear in roles as a child artist. Emily’s  first formal role was as Elsa in an adaptation of The Little Match Girl at the North Coast Repertory Theatre School in Solana Beach, California. In 2004, she played  Harriet in the interactive Lyceum Theatre production of Harriet Potter and the Throne of Apple work.  Emily also tried soccer before she succeeded in modeling.

Her father’s work, especially his nude paintings along with Emily’s exposure to the Nude beaches in Europe has made her very open and acceptable to Nude art. She believes in expressing sexuality as a form of art. She is comfortable with the naked body, and states, “We have this culture of men, especially, watching pornography, but then [they are] offended by a classic nude portrait or photograph, and I’ve never felt that way.”

In 2014 and 2015, she modeled for the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Magazine. And she debuted for the Marc job’s clothing brand during spring summer 2016. Later on, she also modeled for the Miu Miu at Paris Fashion Week. Also in the same year (2016), Ratajkowski also appeared on the cover of GQ Russia and Spain, wearing a scrumptious black dress.

Emily has appeared in movies as well. She debuted  with Ben Afflick  in the movie “Gone Girl” for a brief role. She also graced a TV show named ICarly with her presence. Also in 2015, Emily played significant roles in the movies  “Entourage” and “We Are Your Friends.”