dappy net worth


Dappy net worth:  Costadinos Contostavlos is a famous UK-based singer  who is more famous with his stage name Dappy , has lost his net worth to such low that it can be estimated at 200,000 $ as of 2016. His fame could not boost his net worth as he was struck by a number of financial challenges since 2014.  He was so much into taxes in 2013 , that he faced bankruptcy in 2014. Strangely , he was facing this situation despite his super high salary.

According to news , he had to list his Luxurious home for sale in order to compensate for the hefty taxes. Whether he did it intentionally or not is not yet clear but he kept on evading taxes for quite long . Dappy was allegedly paid £100,000 ($153,000) just for his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother UK. His first studio album Bad Intentions (released in 2012) also generated some nice cash.

his latest album Miracles might help him turn the tide of his financial stress . Since 2014,  Dappy has been dating the hot looking TV star Lusia Zissman . He met her on the sets of Celebrity Big Brother 13.