Chris Cuomo Net worth

Chris Cuomo is an American journalist  and a News anchor , currently employed by CNN , and he holds a net worth of $ 7 Million as of 2016 . Standing at 6 feet , 2 inches tall , Chris has a charismatic personality and expressive eyes . He is an expert presenter and is very vociferous while he is making a statement with his guests , who are mostly political personalities or State office holders.  What is his monthly Salary ?  We shall reveal it in a minute .

Chris was born on August 9,1970 at Queens , united states of America . Before joining the field of journalism , Chris was a lawyer . Perhaps his skills as a lawyer are what make him a heavyweight conversationalist and inquirer. He has also served a number of years at ABC news , Fox News , MSNBC News  . He previously was the ABC News chief law and justice correspondent, and co-anchor for ABC’s 20/20.

Chris comes from a very high profile family . His father was the former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and his  brother  is a current New York Governor .  Chris Cuomo  enjoys an enviable marital life .Since 2001,  he is happily married  to the Gotham magazine editor Christina Greeven . The couple has three beautiful children : Mario, Bella and Carolina Regina.

Recently some shocking news of Chris being a GAY surfaced . But such news are hard to believe since Chris has such a passionate and loving relationship with his Wife . The speculations kept circulating .  Another controversial matter occurred in May, 2016 which tainted his image . Chris’ wife was hosting a get together  on the eve of  memorial day when Chris got overly drunk and he smashed his car into  a parked Mercedes, which belonged to one of his friends.

Chris is not just earning from his lucrative job at the CNN . He also owns a law firm . Chris is one of the highest paid News presenters in the world . His monthly salary and different other sources are said to contribute $2.7 million dollars to his coffers of Cash . With wealth comes the taste . This dashing lawyer and newscaster is said to be spending a lot on expensive cars like Mercedes and Audi .