Camille Grammer Net Worth

Camille Grammer is a very notable former model , actress and currently a reality TV star  who holds a Net worth of stellar $50 Million as of 2016.One of her most famous appearances which added a lot to her Net worth is in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Her Networth is definitely impressive and she deserves it since she is such talented and is known for her hard work . Let’as take a look at some interesting facts about her Life .

Camille was born September 2, 1968 in Newport Beach, California into an affluent family of  a financial adviser. She holds a professional degree in acting  from  UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television.  She has played roles in many movies in 1990’s and onwards. Some of her most famous roles are in the movies includes Private Parts, Deconstructing Harry, and Neurotic Tendencies.

In the 1980’s , as a young aspiring dancer and model , she revealed her beautiful assets in PLAY BOY . This definitely revealed her sensual side to the world and definitely paved her way into Movies . Her Most recent appearance was  in one episode of 90210 in 2013.

Her Love Life has remained rocky . She found fame but couldn’t find a long term relationship , despite her having such qualities of Beauty and Brains .  First , she was married to actor Kelsey Grammer from 1997 until their divorce in 2011. Later on , she was involved in a romantic relationship with a famous lawyer and Fitness coach   Charalambopoulos. Sadly , the chemistry between them evaporated after a short while as Camille asked for a protective order against him in the end of 2013.