Adam johnson Net Worth

Adam Johnson Net Worth: Adam Johnson is an English  professional Footballer who has a Net worth of  £9 million. Adam was born on July 14, 1987, in Sunderland in the United Kingdom. His professional football career started in 2004 when he signed a contract with Middlesbrough team. In2012,  he was contracted for a whopping £10 million by Sunderland. However, he was met with a catastrophe brought upon him by his own sexual depravity. He was convicted and found guilty of having a sexual affair with a minor female fan of 15 years old.  Although he had a loving girlfriend named Stacey Flounders at that time with whom he had a daughter. His affair with the 15 years old fan started online. In early 2016 he pleaded guilty.  As of now his future is mired with the clouds of uncertainty.