Shane Mcmahon Net Worth

Shane Brandon McMahon is an Irish-American businessman who is currently engaged  as the commissioner of SmackDown Live and he holds a net worth of  $35 Million as of 2016 . He is the son of Vince Mcmahon who is  the Chief executive officer of WWE enterprise and the elder brother of Stephanie Mcmahon 

Shane McMahon was born on January 15, 1970 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Shane is a  part-time professional wrestler  as well and he is the  minority owner of WWE and the vice-chairman of YOU On Demand . Shane has given some memorable moments to WWE and his fans . Although never good as a wrestler , but none can doubt the audacity he shows and the Risky moves he has performed in his matches . He has also been resilient against some of the most dangerous athletes in the WWE ; such as  Kane and Undertaker .

Shane McMahon has become a one-time Hardcore Champion and one-time European Champion. He also showed his referee skills when he refereed the Royal  Rumble match in 1991. He worked in WWE for almost 2 decades before resigning in 2010 .  In 2016 , he has returned back and has been an in charge of the SmackDown tier of the WWE .  His return was an interesting saga as no one knew the whereabouts of Shane for more than five years .And in 2016 ,  Mr. Vince was deciding to retire and hand over the affairs of WWE to his blue-eyed Girl , Stephanie Mcmahon  and her husband , the legendary wrestler Triple H .  It was in that critical time that Shane made his entrance back in the WWE . Then started a Sibling’s war as to who shall take the reins of WWE in hands . It was a a Shane VS Stephanie moment .  They both tried to  put each other down using certain tactics . In the end , Shane was put to a challenge with undertaker in  Wrestle Mania . Deal was that if Shane survived that match , he would be given a chance in sharing the pie of WWE .  Luckily Shane did survive and now he is the  commissioner of SmackDown Live.

Shane McMahon is currently married to Marissa Mazzola. Shane has  three sons  named Rogan, Kenyon Jesse and Declan James.