How Much is Kourtney Kardashian Worth ?

Talking of Kardashians , many people wonder how Much is Kourtney Kardashian Worth ?  Kourtney is a Tv reality Star who rose to fame recently and  with fame comes money and she holds a net worth of  Sizzling $ 20 Million as of 2016 . She also owes her fame to Reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  She

She is definitely behind her  baby sister  Kim Kardashian when it comes to minting money , but she is definitely make huge financial strides . Kourtney is involved into certain family franchises owned by the Kardashian family.  She is managing a Clothing Line  for Bebe together  along with a  sunless tanner called Kardashian Glamour Tan.  While Kim might be busy in her own adventures , the other three Kardashian Sisters are definitely venturing into different streams of income ranging from beauty products to Sensual Wear like Lingeries.

In fact the Kardashian family owes its fame and wealth to Kim Kardashian who opened the doors for her whole family to step into the lime-light of Media and TV. Kim did everything by every stretch of  her imagination_ From Platic surgeries to  private Sex tapes __ in order to hitch her family from the clutches of  financial stress and social oblivion .Since then , the whole family hasn’t looked back . As they have ventured into various Business ranging from Shoe lines to Lingerie Lines . The family is currently seeing the peak of their Financial affluence . If it goes on in the same manner then the day is not far off when Kardashians shall be counted amongst the richest families of the Movie and Media Industry  with multiples streams of income .  Let’s see what the future holds for them .

Along with her boyfriend , Scott Disick, Kourtney bought almost two-acre real estate property in Calabasas, California which  is perhaps the most preferential area for the whole Kardashian family. The Villa boasts of it’s own elevator and spa. The mesmerizing  interior of the home  is decorated in distinctive black and white patterns. Kourtney and her partner paid $5.8 million for this home . Nothing worth achieving is with out a price .