Max Lux Net Worth

Max Lux , whose real name is Max Boyd is an American Songwriter , rapper , Tv Reality show star  who has a Net worth of  $3 million. He is married to a Television actress and star named Brandi Boyd who is the goddaughter of the late Whitney Houston, and one of the stars of the hit VH1 series . The biggest hallmark of Max’s career remains the smashing sales , 4 million copies to be exact , of his first platinum album record “How to love ” with Lil Wayne .Max Lux is a two-time BMI award winner and is well-known in the LA underground scene.

Apart from writing for Lil Wayne , Max has written a number of songs for the top notch names such as T.I, Florida, and Stevie Wonder, etc . Currently, he is in the recurring cast of the Hit TV reality show named “Love & Hip Hop: HollyWood” .

Rumor Has it  :   In 2016, Lux allegedly cheated on his wife with a girl named Brandi Bib (Same name as his Real wife ) and Max has even fathered another child with her.  Max’s wife Brandi admitted that she spies on Max Lux, and even hid in the trunk of his car, to keep an eye on him. Seems like there is going to be lots of skirmish between the couple in the upcoming reality show in which both of them are a part of the cost . Hope they won’t clean their dirty linen in the public .

Divorce ?

Max  financial net worth of $ 3 Million can take a straight Nose dive if  Brandi decides to go for a divorce after this Season of the Love & Hip Hop : HollyWood  ends . Let’s hope the dust settles peacefully between them and they can bury the hatchet of mistrust that has surfaced between them .