Hank Green Net Worth


Hank Green Net Worth  :   Hank Green is a popular name in the V logging arena who has established multiple sources of income and he holds an impressive Net worth of $2.2 million as of 2016.  He founded his channel in 2007 and in a matter of a decade , he has earned himself a subscriber’s Army of 2.6 Million . Wow !  He definitely makes the eyes wide shut .

Green was Born in 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama but he grew up in Florida. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a Master’s degree in Environment studies from the University of Montana. He initiated
V logging in collusion with his brother named Jhon . Along with Vlogging , he holds keen interest in politics and some side production projects. He is very vocal about certain social issues . For example, in January 2015, he interviewed president Barack Obama and focused on issues related to Affordable Healthcare Act, drone strikes, and legalization of marijuana.

Love Life : In 2006, Green married his long-term girlfriend Katherine. They currently live in Missoula, Montana.