Faze Jev Net worth


Faze Jev is a vibrant member of the Call of Duty online gamer’s  Clan and he has earned himself not only fame but also a sizable net worth of  $ 1 Million Dollars as of 2018 . His major sources of income include online Advertisement  which is portrayed on his Videos related to gaming videos , Comedy sketching and other interesting topics .  Lets read some interesting facts from his life .

Faze  Jev’s real name is Jason Eugene Vonderhar and he is not only famous for his gaming skills , he is also very famous for the faces and expressions which he makes while playing his video games . Sometimes  he is yelling and screaming , other times he is banging his fists on the table  when he is not winning . His Audience loves his reactions .

Faze Jev plays other Car racing games as well . As of today , he has a subscription of 2.1 million Subscribers  on you tube . However his main cash cow remains Call of Duty . He is a Lover of Collecting Knives . His raving fans send him Knives gifts and he can’t help but smile and become all taken a back by inner Zen as soon as he receives such a gift and shares it on youtube . What a  Zen Gamer he is .