Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump is an American Businessman and a nominee for the upcoming Presidential election and his net worth is  $4.5 Billion.  His annual Salary for celebrity apprenticeship was $60 Million. Born on  June 14, 1946  ( 70 Years ) Trump was raised in Newyork City, and he attended Fordham University and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He has been in the real estate since 1960’s, and his ventures in the real estate are the reason behind his vast fortunes.  His degree in Economics sharpened his Business acumen and helped him once he joined the Real Estate Business of his father, The Trump Organization.  His success streak starts with his transforming of the Commodore Hotel into Grand Hyatt. The Commodore hotel was a Bankrupt business entity.

Trump’s Properties:  He owns Trump Towers whose worth is estimated to be $288 Million. He also owns Trump World Tower, which is valued at $290 Million. Apart from this, Trump owns a chain of resorts and casinos through out America. Trump has also invested in various properties throughout the globe. The worth of those global properties is estimated to be at $562 Million.

Earnings Through Tv Appearances: In 2003,  Donald Trump appeared as a Judge in a reality show named “The Apprentice”. The program would pick a couple of aspiring young men and women whose business skills and acumens were put to test by a series of carefully crafted tests. Donald Trump depicted himself as a dispassionate Businessman, who was quick to hire and was even quicker to fire. The contestants had to impress him to be able to survive amongst the Sharks.  Trump was paid $3Million for hosting each episode of The Apprentice.

As a Presidential Candidate:  Recently, Trump ha been nominated to represent the Republican Party at the upcoming US’ Election. He has stated his personal worth to be $8.7 Billion. But there is lots of controversy around Trump’s tall claims and his real value. In fact, how Donald values his personal brand is not agreed upon by other analysts. Donald estimates his persona Brand at $3.3Billion. This has a huge gap as compared to what other analysts have estimated his personal brand to be worth i.e. $50 Million.

Quick Description of Donald Trump:

Date of Birth

Jun 14, 1946 (70 years old)
Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Writer, Investor, TV Personality, Television Producer, Film Producer, Actor, Economist, Real estate entrepreneur
United States of America
6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
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